Long Beach Harbor

Long Beach Harbor

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Long Beach Harbor is a major destination for recreational boaters, and there are spaces for more than 4,400 boats. Besides recreational boating, tourism is important to the economy. Major attractions include the Queen Mary, Aquarium of the Pacific and whale-watching tours.
Long Beach is also a major industrial port, ranked second-busiest in the nation and the 10th-busiest in the world. The town of Long Beach was laid out and settled in 1881 by developer W.E. Willmore, and renamed Long Beach, because of its 8.5-mile beach, in 1884.

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In June 1911, the Port of Long Beach was founded on 800 acres of mudflats at the mouth of the Los Angeles River. Since then, the Port has grown to include more than 7,600 acres of wharves, state-of-the-art cargo terminals and shipping channels.
Just below the Port of Los Angeles (San Pedro), between the Los Angeles River to the north and the San Gabriel River to the south, Long Beach Harbor marinas enjoy added protection because of a series of breakwaters and a southward-facing position.

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The huge natural bay gives boaters quick access to open water and open route to Santa Catalina Island.
Moreover, its marinas offer their own mix of sights and attraction and a wide array of facilities and services. Because of its year-around optimum sailing conditions, Long Beach is home to the Congressional Cup, the Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii and annual Dragon Boat Race.

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