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It wasn't long after launching San Diego Fishing.com as well as San Diego Fishing.com's "Boating Basics", both with the intention of establishing highly informational, as well as engaging, online platforms for both boaters, along with the local and visiting fishermen and women, we were quickly deluged with inquiries pertaining to all the wonderful Marinas the Southern California coastline has to offer.

After all, not all boaters are "Day Trippers". Towing their boats from home, to the launch ramp, spending their day offshore, and then back home again. Numerous boaters prefer to keep their boats dockside, always at the ready for action. Be that action inside or outside the breakwater.
Sure, many folks rarely leave the dock, choosing instead to use their slips as a "home away from home" so to speak. A "Staycation" as it were. And why not. With the numerous Marinas that inhabit the So. Cal. coastline, from Santa Barbara to San Diego, it's difficult not to want to experience the good life without having to venture far from one's home.
With the luxury afforded by today's modern boats, keeping your boat in a slip is an experience not to be missed. And when you combine that experience with the amenities offered by today's marinas, it's a combo that's difficult to beat at any price.
That was the impetus, the "recipe" as it were, behind creating So. Cal. Marinas.com. We wanted to showcase all the benefits of dockside living. And with the endless restaurants, stores, etc. that can be found, as well as guest privileges, today's boaters are afforded seemingly endless opportunities to truly experience the good life.
Please feel free to peruse the menu of pages on the top right and we're certain you'll be introduced to numerous unknown possibilities, all available at your fingertips. Whether you choose to tow to your boat to another launch ramp, or pilot your boat by water to another destination, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

If you have any questions, concerns, inquiries, suggestions or simply would like to add a bit of local knowledge to the mix, please feel free to contact us HERE.

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